Announcing our series of six live speaker events throughout the 2019 summer season.

On six evenings this summer we will move the exhibits in the north gallery off to the sides, set up folding chairs and welcome guest speakers:

  • July 3rd , Geoffrey Reynolds will tell us about Holland’s boat and ship builders. Mr. Reynolds is the author of the book “Boats Made in Holland: A Michigan Tradition” This 2018 book tells the stories behind the boat builders and ship yards – both large and small – who designed, fabricated and sold boats in the Holland area beginning in 1901.
  • July 11th, Author Lynn Austin will speak about how she writes her historical novels. Since 1999, Mrs. Austin has written and has had published 27 novels, most recently Waves of Mercy (2016) and it’s sequel Legacy of Mercy 2018. – Follow the Facebook event page –
  • July 18th, Authors M. Chris Byron and Tom Wilson will make the first of their two appearances at the Pump House Museum with a presentation on the dune schooner rides along the lake shore. These thrill rides in and among the sand dunes along the Lake Michigan shoreline first appeared in the 1940. – Join us for the event – FACEBOOK EVENT
  • August 1st, Valerie van Heest is scheduled to give an illustrated lecture about the development of Holland Harbor and its lighthouses, including Big Red. – More Information  – Facebook Event
  • August 22nd, Authors M. Christine Byron and Tome Wilson will make their second appearance with a lively presentation about the phenomenon of Mid – Century Modern Architecture. This intriguing style started to appear in the early 1930s and is still popular today.
  • September 5th, Our educational consultant and board secretary Denise Smyk will tell us about “Electrifying Holland: the men and women behind the creation of electricity.”

The summer events will start at 7:00 PM.

This schedule is subject to change, so watch this space for updated information.