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Presented at Annual Membership Meeting – June 20, 2017

Accomplishments during Past Year

The 2016-2017 period represented continued steps forward for the Historic Ottawa Beach Society (HOBS).

The pump house was open during the months of June, July, August and September in 2016 with HOBS hosting eight (8) open houses along with two (2) special events (Icebound and Jenison Electric Park) at no admission cost for residents and summer visitors. At the Icebound event, which featured a re-enactment of this 1885 sinking, attendance was overwhelming as we received ~130 visitors. Many of the visitors were first time visitors of the pump house and area.

2016 Exhibits for visitors to enjoy within the pump house included: 1) Icebound: the Ordeal of the SS Michigan; 2) Water at Ottawa Beach; 3) The Deming Pump story and 4) Historical postcards.

Utilizing a logbook in an attempt to register visitors and residents, the log conservatively captured 372 visitors which included 116 local Park Township residents (31%).


Beginning in October of 2016 the installation of the hardwood floor began. The final floor would be a combination of hardwood, pavers and Plexiglas over the refurbished trench area. Under-floor electrical was also installed. Funding for this floor included a $30,000 grant from the Park Township Community Services Program with the remaining amount provided by Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission (OCPRC).

The Donor Brick program which started in 2015 came to an end. Approximately 70 bricks were requested. Installation was completed in May 2017.

The HOBS Charter Members and Pump House Major Donor boards were produced and installed in May 2017.

The HOBS board approved a Pump House Museum and Learning Center logo for usage on a go-forward basis.

HOBS involvement with Lakewood Elementary project on “The Forgotten Ottawa Beach History”.

Plans for the Upcoming Year

The summer schedule for open houses and events in the pump house has been finalized.

Open houses every Thursday in June – August and every Saturday from July 8 through the end of August. Events are also planned on June 22, July 6 and August 10.

HOBS will host a “Members Only” event at Herman Miller’s Marigold Lodge on July 13th

A fund raising auction is planned for July 22nd. Specific time and place information is being finalized.

With the logo development, a permanent sign for the pump house will be sought.

Historical Designation of the Pump House along with a plaque will be sought.

Exhibit Plans for 2018 will revolve around the Lighthouse.


The east building addition, which will include restrooms, will begin in September. This building addition, which will be set away from the existing pump house, will allow future expansion for an enclosed entrance area to the pump house or Pump House Museum and Learning Center.


HOBS continues with their goal to raise additional funds to start museum exhibits development.